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50 Years of Patio Cover Experience
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Patio Covers in San Leandro, CA

Patio Covers, San Leandro, CA

Reliable and lasting patio covers are an essential investment for any homeowner who wants to enhance their outdoor living space. Although you will find several products in the market, very few compare in quality and longevity with our TRU View acrylic patio covers and Sundance Louvered Roofs. Patio Covers and More has built a proven presence in the outdoor shade structure industry in San Leandro, CA, and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Our High-Quality Patio Covers?

There are several reasons to choose our patio covers and louvered shade systems, such as the following:

  • Patio covers and louvered roofing systems protect from the sun, rain, and other weather elements. They can help protect your outdoor furniture, plants, and other items from damage caused by prolonged exposure to the elements.

  • These structures provide shade, making your outdoor living space more comfortable to use, even on hot summer days. They can also provide a sheltered area to enjoy during light rain or other mild weather conditions.

  • Installing a high-quality patio cover can increase the value of your home. A well-designed and well-built patio cover can make your outdoor living space more functional and aesthetically pleasing, which can be a selling point for potential buyers.

  • TRU VIEW Patio covers and Sundance louvered roofs can also help reduce energy costs by providing shade and reducing the heat that enters your home. This can help lower cooling costs during the summer months, which can be a significant expense in many parts of the country.

Our patio covers and louvered roofs are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the elements, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come.

Residential And Commercial Patio Covers

We have been installing patio covers in the local wine region for over 50 years. We'd be happy to tell you about some of the wineries we've worked with and the many homeowners whose patio covers we've installed during your free consultation. Unlike our competitors, we have an in-house design team that will patiently work with you to craft the one-of-a-kind patio cover of your dreams.

We care about your satisfaction as much as you do and will do everything it takes to ensure that the shade structure you envisioned for your backyard is the one that you get. Not only do we offer the best patio cover installations for homes, but we also serve businesses.

Superior Sundance Louvered Patio Cover Installations

When installing a Sundance Louvered patio cover, we pay meticulous attention to every detail, no matter how big or small the job. We can accommodate any budget to present you with a unique patio cover that meets your requirements.

To the surprise of many, our patio coverings quickly recoup their initial investment. The patio cover will reduce your air conditioning expenditure by around 20-40%, as is typical for our clients. We can install power outlets in your patio cover so you can plug in your television and fans, and we really appreciate the liminal space it provides. We are so confident in the quality of our patio cover installations that we guarantee them for life. In the unlikely event that your patio cover suffers a structural breakdown or the hardware breaks, you can rest assured knowing that we've got you covered at no extra cost.

We provide customized, expert installation of Sundance Louvered Roofs and TRU View patio covers in San Leandro, CA. For more details, please call Patio Covers and More at (707) 850-9574. If you prefer to write to us, please use this Contact Us form to send us an email, and we will respond soon.

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