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50 Years of Patio Cover Experience
Highest Quality Patio
Covers and Pergolas
in Northern California

Aluminum Patio Covers Aptos CA

Aluminum Patio Covers Aptos CA

Do you want to increase the usable living space in your backyard while also decreasing your carbon footprint? Patio Covers and More has just the product for you. Our one-of-a-kind patio cover installs have been helping residents in the city of Aptos reduce their carbon footprints since the early 70s. Our patio covers are all made from ethically sourced materials found here in Northern California. Our American-made patio covers will help you spend less each month on heating and cooling.

Cost-Efficiency and Quick Returns

Many of our patio cover customers realize that our patio cover pays for itself in as little as just 2 short years depending on the size and scope of your work. Your family and friends will love the new backyard you have created. When you combine our patio covers with an outdoor kitchen you will have a new destination for entertaining your family and friends. We hope we can speak to you soon about what you want to accomplish with our one-of-a-kind designs and patio covers. Our owners have been blessed to have been providing patio covers for over 50 years. We’ve also had the luxury of installing patio covers throughout the illustrious wine country wineries located in Northern California.

If you visited any of the wineries and had a sip of wine on their patios chances are you’ve been blessed with the opportunity the stand underneath one of our patio covers. Many of our patio covers can be seen in Sonoma or Napa. Give us a call today we can discuss with you which one of our patio covers are installed at which winery.

Aside from delivering one-of-a-kind residential patio covers we also provide our patio covers to commercial customers all across Northern California. When you deal with Patio Covers and More you’re working directly with the manufacturer. We can proudly say that every piece of your patio cover from the hardware to the aluminum and everything in between is made right here in the United States of America. Because we build the patio covers from the ground up and source materials our self it gives us a unique opportunity to provide you with the best-in-the-business warranty for your patio cover installation.

Premium Quality Patio Covers

We believe in the quality of our installs and because of that we offer all of our customers a lifetime warranty on any patio cover installation including the hardware as well as the panels. The process is simple if for any reason during the life of your patio cover you run into a structural failure or if it gets damaged by the weather we literally have got you covered. The only thing you need to do in case there’s an accident is to call our office and let us know. We’ll send someone out to you as quickly as possible with the necessary materials and hardware to get your patio cover back and in working in order. When we say a lifetime warranty we mean a lifetime warranty if for any reason you have to sell your home or move all you need to do is up a new tenant or owner of the patio cover to give us a call.

We simply update the information we have on file about the owner of the Sundance Louvered patio cover and the warranty is transferred into their name for their lifetime ownership. Due to the covid 19 pandemic more and more families are having to stay indoors and sit home for much longer. If you’re starting to feel caged at your house or just need a little extra space to live a patio cover creates a whole new entire unique living space for you and your family. It looks like the pandemic will continue through much of 2022 so why not build an outdoor kitchen and put in outdoor furniture so you can enjoy much more time outside with you and your family.

When things return to normal and they sure will you’ll have a brand new space to entertain family and friends and even host sports teams when those become regular things to do again. In the meantime installing a patio cover is giving your family much more space to enjoy free time is a great way to build memories. Many of our customers install televisions and video game consoles outside so they can enjoy spending their free time watching television and playing video games in the cool evening air or underneath the moonlight.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Eco-Friendly Patio Covers

If you enjoy reading sitting outside with a great novel can be quite a stress-relieving practice. If you are looking for a surefire way to add more resale value to your home perhaps it is time you considered getting in contact with Patio Covers and More. Many of our customers report to us when the time comes to sell their home they see an almost double return from what they invested in the patio cover from our company. It’s safe to stay if you paid $10,000 for patio cover installation from us when that time comes for you to go to the close of the sale will guide $20,000 in increased resale value out of your patio cover.

Our owner knows this because he has been doing this for 50 years we’ve hundreds of customers who have seen this happen right before their very eyes. With the average price of a home reaching $1,000,000 in the state of California who knows what type of return you’ll see from installing one of our beautiful and unique patio covers. We hope to hear from you soon give us a call today and one of our TRU View patio cover experts will give you a free estimate to have our patio covers installed in your backyard or at your commercial business.

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