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Covers and Pergolas
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TRU View Patio Covers

Although there are numerous patio cover options, none compared to the excellence of TRU View patio covers regarding appearance, longevity, usability, or durability. These covers come in various styles and allow customization possibilities for the pillars and columns that support them. The average installation time of one of the TRU view patio coverings is about two days. They are adaptable enough to satisfy various aesthetic tastes, such as a wooden frame or a more straightforward appearance. With these installations, you can make an outdoor space brighter, depending on your preference. Gable-style patio covers have light-diffusing surfaces that guarantee a pleasing, uniform glow on overcast days. Because of the diffused lighting, you won't have to worry about straining your eyes, and the sunlight will spread more evenly throughout your connected rooms. In these images, you can see how TRU View patio covers throw a diffused light into the patio they cover. They add charm and functionality to any space.

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