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50 Years of Patio Cover Experience
Highest Quality Patio
Covers and Pergolas
in Northern California

Aluminum Patio Covers Palo Alto CA

Aluminum Patio Covers Palo Alto CA

Looking for the best licensed bonded and insured patio cover installation company in Palo Alto? Patio Covers and More has been an industry leader in the patio cover installation marketplace in Palo Alto since the early 70s. We are proud to share with you that we have patio covers that have been built and standing since 1972. The patio cover business has changed a lot with the advent of aluminum patio covers as well as many different options and we have evolved with the patio cover business. No matter what type of cover you have in mind we have something that will meet your requirements.

We also feature one of the best patio cover design staff in Northern California. Our award-winning in-house design staff put together some of the most beautiful patio covers ever furnished in Northern California. What makes us different than other patio cover companies is that we offer a lifetime warranty on any patio cover that we install. If for any reason during the lifetime of your patio cover ownership, there’s a structural failure, your patio cover was damaged by the weather, we will take care of it. We literally have you covered.

Custom-Made Patio Covers

All you need to do if there’s ever a failure to your patio cover pick up the phone and call our office and let us know what happened to your patio. We’ll send some of our men with the necessary tools and equipment to get your patio back in working order. What is so great about our lifetime warranty is it's fully transferrable. If in the event you are sell your home or give it to your kids the warranty transfers into the new patio cover owner’s name. Once again all you need to do is call our office and inform us of the change in name and phone number of the patio cover’s ownership.

Generally speaking, we like will welcome them and go over a few simple maintenance routines that they can perform on the patio cover to make sure that it lasts. When time comes that you will sell your house, you will sit on the market for less time if you have a patio cover installed. Home seekers who have several children or pets will find your backyard is very inviting. When you combine our patio covers with an outdoor kitchen featuring a barbeque in a place to sit as well as fans and television, your backyard is now an oasis.

You and your family will be amazed at how much extra space you have in your backyard and how much time you all enjoy sitting under it. Due to the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, more and more people are staying at home and enjoying their free time at home instead of going out. Adding a patio cover to your home adds a whole new dimension and space to the way you are currently living at home. One of the most forgotten or overlooked things when it comes to installing a patio cover at your home or business is how much a Sundance Louvered patio cover positively affects the resale value of your property.

Studies have shown that homes or businesses that feature patio covers sit on the market for far less time than properties that do not have the patio cover. What our owners have experienced firsthand for the 50 years we’ve been installing patio covers in Northern California is that when you install a patio cover to your home. Whatever you invest into your patio cover you can redeem for almost double when it goes to close. So for example you install a patio cover for the cost of about $10,000 you’ll see a return of about $20,000 when you finally close on the sale of your home or business. The housing market has seen prices hit all-time highs in 2021 and we think 2022 will be even higher so why not get the most of out the properties that you own and install a patio cover today. You will be so thankful that you did.

Set Your Property Apart With A Patio Cover

No other home improvement can make your home or business stand out quite like a patio cover. The owner of Patio Covers and More has also been offering our patio cover installation to commercial customers for over 50 years as well. Most notably we have been able to install our patio covers at many golf courses and many wineries across Northern California. If you have had the chance to tour Sonoma or Napa wine countries chances are you enjoyed one of those fine glasses of wine underneath one of our patio covers.

What is so special about our company is that when you deal with us you deal directly with the manufacturer. We’re also proud to let you know all the patio cover materials that we source our ethically sourced right here in Northern California. When we go to install the patio cover in your backyard you can be proud because your TRU View patio cover is made in America. The reason why we’re able to offer you such a wonderful lifetime warranty is that we know exactly what goes and every single patio covers that we construct.

We also won a thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to learn more about our patio cover business. We hope that you’ll give us a call today so we can discuss what types of plans you have and what options are available to you in terms of patio cover installation and availability. Please remember that we book up fast sometimes years in advance for certain dates so the sooner you give us a call and pick out a date we can let you know for availability. We can help you even if you already have a patio cover installed and your backyard we offer to tear down and take away as well.

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