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Tru View Acrylic Patio Cover

TRU View Patio Covers, Pleasanton, CA

Your investment in a patio product from Patio Covers and More will protect you and your property from the sun and rain and keep you comfortably within your budget. The shade of a patio cover is ideal for unwinding in your backyard after a long day. Although many options for patio covers are available, none can match the quality of TRU View acrylic patio covers in terms of aesthetics, lifespan, practicality, or durability.

What Are TRU View Patio Covers?

Many homeowners would rather not have their patio covered since this would cut off natural light and obscure the view of their yard. TRU VIEW patio coverings are perfect for this purpose. The benefits of the product are as follows:

  • They make everything crystal clear. The fabric is a cutting-edge development in patio cover manufacturing.
  • Acrylite's similarities to plexiglass are just superficial. For patio covers, it represents a major advancement. It enables the most effective use of light while protecting the eyes from potentially damaging ultraviolet radiation.
  • It has a whole gutter system built into it, so you won't get drenched if it rains. Whether your property is clapboard or stucco, you can find a way to use this product to spruce up the look.
  • It's available in many hues and provides customization options for the supporting pillars and columns. In most cases, it just takes two days to set up one of these TRU view patio covers.

Patio Covers for Modern Homes

Compared to what was offered only a few short years ago, patio covers have improved in both durability and design. The company has upgraded its coverings from the stiff and rusted ones of yesteryear to cutting-edge technology. With TRU View's expert advice, you can make decisions that can improve your home and quality of life for years to come.

Types of TRU View Patio Covers

Since every house is different, having a wide variety of patio covers to choose from matters. The company provides options like:

  • Traditional Style Patio Covers - Covered patios in the classic style are about 80 percent efficient in reflecting the sun's warmth. They feature a nonstick coating for simple cleanup, and the whole structure, down to the gutter, is framed in extruded aluminum of a very high gauge. These covers are flexible enough to accommodate a variety of aesthetic preferences, including a wooden frame or a more minimal appearance. Alternate acrylic and frame colors are available. You may have a lot of light or create a more shaded space.

  • Gable Style Patio Covers - Light-diffusing surfaces on gable-style patio covers ensure a pleasant, even glow on cloudy days. Thanks to the diffused lighting, you won't have to worry about squinting as much, and the light will spread more smoothly around your linked rooms. The acrylic sheet protects from damaging UV rays and is more cost-effective than glass since it is manufactured from high-impact, shatter-resistant acrylic. For optimal performance, the product should be used in an overhead configuration.

For more details about our TRU View patio covers, please call Patio Covers and More at 510-363-5547. If you prefer to write to us, please use this Contact Us form to send us an email, and we will respond soon.

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